H-Lab., HumanICT Convergence
supported by Human Resource Cultivation for Creative Convergence of Industry, MOTIE

SungKyunKwan's Human ICT Convergence H-Lab. (supported by Human Resource Cultivation for Creative Convergence of Industry, MOTIE) under the direction of Prof. Jun Dong Cho (Ph.D. Electrical Engineering and Computer Science/ Northwestern University / jdcho@skku.edu) studies the efficient solution of Human Computer Interaction for mobile applicaions and its tangible and embedded design platforms ( Design Platform Lab.) for developing low-power and high-speed things on the internet. As designs are entering emotional interaction between things and human for motivating humane behavior changes and healthcare, new problems are emerging for wearables and IoT devices. Also, as the portable electronics market moves to products like smart wearables/IoT (with Mobile Healthcare) etc), the need to focus on emotional design becomes critical to extend product's sustainability. To achieve this goal, the existing human-centered user experience design methodologies can be brought to create new design solutions efficiently. Finally, with human computer interaction design tools, the designed smart things are prototyped using open-source HW and SW to be simulated to be used in practice. Therefore, the H-lab. in the department of Human ICT Convergence, has been established to cultivate Humaneer(Human +Engineer), who is capable of creating new value of the emotional UI/UX for smart healthcare by exploiting smart life culture, emotional design based on the human-centered ICT (mobile, network, human friendly intellectualization) and collaborative rendezvous with humanities and arts. This department has been established in the 2nd semester of 2013 and supported by the government funding program called Human Resource Cultivation for Creative Convergence of Industry, with totaling 4B KRW for 5 years. In 2015, the H-lab. registered 5 patents and published 17 papers in top-tier international conferences such as CHI, CSCW, TEI, ISWC, etc. Also, in 2015, the H-Lab. developed several smart IoT/wearable healthcare systems such as Smart Refrigerator, Wearlove, Healthy tableware with industrial cooperation.

Selected 5 Publications in 2015

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