Computer Architecture-Software and Hardware Co-design 

We discuss especially on many aspects of Computer Architecture-Software and Hardware Co-design problems. Design tools are ontroduced such as Ptolemy and ADS (HP). ADS contains DSP simulation, prototyping, and software synthesis.

The topics we cover are 1) Instruction Set Processor
                                    2) Embedded Signal Processing Systems
                                    3) Embedded Control Systems
                                    4) Trends in Co-Design.

Hand-on exercise on ADS synthesis system will be performed
                            (HP donates 20 copies of ADS systems to SKKU).

 Room : Multimedia room #3
 Time : Friday, 12:30-2:30

 Text book :
        1. Hardware/Software Co-Design, Edited by G. D. Micheli and M. Sami,1995

                    Final Exam Prob. is as below.
   Class attendants should submit their own answer sheet to the following E-mail address
   no later than Dec. 17th, 1998.

   Suppose that you are going to start a new venture business in the field of hardware/software
   codeign to develop a system of high performanace or low power.
      1) What is the future trends on hardware/software codesigns?
      2) What do you think is the most profitable and promising system
          that adapts HW/SW codesign concept? (for example, intelligent cruise in automotive
          electronics, pagers/CDMA in telecommunications, image signal processing, etc)
      3) Write a project proposal for your successful venture business on the application
          system you have chosen in 2).

  Important Note on the proposal submission:
    1. the project proposal should contain new and creative ideas and
        review existing research works (by searching digital library or internet).
    2. You are given a grade point based on how new the idea and how
        enough you research on the exisitng techniques (i.e., how many
        materials you downloaded from internet or any other publications).
    3. Submit the project proposal (the number of pages is between 5 to 10)
        and the materials to the following email address:
        NO LATER THAN Dec. 17th.
    4. You SHOULD submit your own proposal, COPIES from your colleagues
        are NOT allowed. The proposals found to be identical are given NO grade
        points. The proposals submitted later than Dec. 17th are also given NO
        grade points.
 Good Luck!