Computer Architecture Design and Applications

VADA (VLSI Algorithmic Design Automation) Lab.
School of Inf. and Comm.,  Sungkyunkwan University


Class Topics

Reading Materials


Lecturer: Prof. Jun-Dong Cho Email: , Room 21203A, Office:031-290-7127

Project: Readings and Projects are available in the web page and due in class.

Grading: 60% Final Exam + 40% presentation (upload your seminar slides to Project Web Board in the Project Information page)

Course description

This course is to describe the considerations in the design of a computer architecture and its applications such as reconfigurable signal-processing platform for Software Defined Radio (SDR) applications. We will also discuss on the key features of Application Specific System, Architectures, and their technology challenges. Also, numerous examples will be drawn from recent microprocessors (Intel, Motorola, and ARM). Topics: Computer abstractions, history and technology, design methodology and CAD tools, VLSI, programmable logic, performance evaluation, instruction set architectures, computer arithmetic, pipelining, memory systems, interfacing, parallel processing. Hardware description languages.