Digital Logic

VADA (VLSI Algorithmic Design Automation) Lab.
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Sungkyunkwan University

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     Lecture Topic  (readings) Readings/Homeworks
    1-2 Introduction, Number Systems, Arithmetic, and Codes Introduction to Digital Integrated Circuits
    Reading Chapters 1-2
    Zhou's Slides
    3-4 Boolean Algebra and Combinational Networks Reading Chapter 3
    5-6 Simplification of Boolean Expressions Reading Chapter 4 BDD
    Two-level logic minimization
    7-8 Logic Design with MSI Components and Programmable Logic Devices Reading Chapter 5 Ch.5
    Adders and Multipliers
    9-10 Flip-Flops and Simple Flip-Flop Applications Reading Ch.6
    Registers and Counters
    State Machine
    11-12 Synchronous Sequential Networks Reading Ch.7
    13- 14 Algorithmic State Machines Reading Chapter 8 Ch.8