VLSI Design for Digital Signal Processing - Spring, 2002

VADA (VLSI Algorithmic Design Automation) Lab.
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Sungkyunkwan University

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Reading & Background Material

  • Computers as components Morgan Kaufmann by Wayne Wolf
  • Surviving the SoC revolution, KAP by Henry Chang et Al.
  • Digital Signal Processing for Multimedia Systems -KESHAB K.PARHI , TAKAO NISHITANI -
  • Selected readings from the following books

  • W.J. Dally and J.W. Poulton, "Digital System Engineering", Cambridge UniversityPress, 1998.
  • A. Chandrakasan and R. Brodersen, "Low-Power CMOS Design", IEEE Press,1998.
  • M. Elmasry, ed. "Digital MOS Integrated Circuits II", IEEE Press, 1992.
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  • VLSI Architectures for High-Performance Computing, Wayne Burleson at UMASS

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