Mobile "System-On-Chip" Design & Automation Lab.
모바일 시스템 설계 자동화 연구실 (: VLSI Algorithmic Design Automation Lab. VADA (바다) 연구실)
School of Information and Communication,  Sungkyunkwan University

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To foster design innovation and creative thinking, a major part of the class grade is based on the presentation project.

The project is performed individually and spans the whole semester.


Phase I (Idea Generation) WEEK 1-5: The Literature Study and Formulation of your Project; Each student reads articles related to creative design innovation and submits a design idea that is described in 1 or 2 pages. In this phase, no attempt is made to define a possible solution or go into the the details. After submission, the ideas are reviewed by the instructor and 12  ideas among them will be chosen to be design projects to form 12 project groups after Phase 2.


Phase 2 (Proposal Submission and Selection) WEEK 6: Submit your Project Proposal in two formats (Project Reports of 5~10 pages (Style and Guide) and Presentation Slides of 10~15slides); Each student submit a proposal on one of the selected ideas,  and  then the instructor selects the best design proposals. The submitter of each of these successful proposals is appointed as a chief engineer for the project group of four to five students.   


Phase 3 (Design Project Result Submission) WEEK 10: Submit Project Results

in two formats (Project Reports of 5~10   pages (Style and Guide) and Presentation Slides of 10~15 slides); Each group called a venture company, gives itself a unique name (that corresponds to each project title). The CEO of each company organized its activities. The group also selects an assistant chief engineer, secretary-treasurer, and one or two research directors.  A chronological record of the companys activities is kept in a notebook.  


Phase 4(Presentation and Demonstration) WEEK 11~16: Each group makes a 10 min. formal oral presentation. The grade evaluation will be judged by other groups CEO and instructor.  Refer to Evaluation Format.

To make the results available to the complete group and to make your results more dynamic, you will be required to provided them as web-entries with a form of poster styles.


To post here your project proposal and project final report, upload them here.

Project Proposal and Report Board