Project Proposal  Report Style

Mobile "System-On-Chip" Design & Automation Lab.
모바일 시스템 설계 자동화 연구실 (: VLSI Algorithmic Design Automation Lab. VADA (바다) 연구실)
School of Information and Communication,  Sungkyunkwan University


Class Topics

Reading Materials



1. Project Title:
2. Team Title (Company name):
3. Describe the function of each member of a team (four ~five students) required to complete the project, who will be on the team member and the team leader (Chief Executive Officer).

4. Project Goal (Company’s mission):

    Describe the business reasons for developing the proposed   product and its key features and benefits

5. Research  Background:

    Describe the related works that have been done recently (within last 2-3 years).

6. Project Approaches:

 1) Main Idea: Describe your innovative and whacky idea to achieve the project goal including the following:

- Definition of the problem

- Analysis of the problem

- Possible/Alternative  Solutions

- An approach and strategy that mat lead to the best solution


2) Schedule: Describes the development timeline.
 3) CAD tools and materials: Describes the CAD tools or materials                                  

required to  complete the project.

7. References (more than 4 papers/articles recently published):