Embedded System and System On Chip Architecture

VADA (VLSI Algorithmic Design Automation) Lab.
School of Inf. and Comm.,  Sungkyunkwan University


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Lecturer: Prof. Jun-Dong Cho Email: jdcho@yurim.skku.ac.kr , Room 21201, Office:031-290-7127

Project: Readings and Projects are available in the web page and due in class.

Grading: 60% final examination + 40% presentation (upload your presentation slides to Project Web Board in the Project Information page)

Course description

Course Overview and Goals:

Increasing integration of communications and multimedia  processing continues to expand the scope and complexity of embedded systems for applications ranging from embedded control, multimedia, networking and information and biomedical appliances.

The students develop an appreciation of the technology capabilities and limitations of the hardware, software components for building embedded systems, and methods to evaluate design tradeoffs between different technology choices.


Course Outline

The course surveys the basic components of embedded and ubiquitous computing systems with multiple processor cores such as  DSP's, GPP's, and FPGA's with particular focus on the architectues under constraints of speed, power, and area. Several case studies will be presented, along with their highly optimized dedicated designs, which exploit relationships between the software and hardware architectures. The course also includes lectures on human interaction with embedded and ubiquitous systems, as well as special topics on applications of embedded and ubiquitous systems.

This course consists of the following issues:


l       초고속 무선 네트워크 SoC : Programmable Processor Components in SoC, SDR


l       Real Time 데이터 송수신이 요구되는 통신 멀티미디어 응용 분야 :초저전력화, 소형화, 고성능화, 서비스 다양화, 짧은 제품 주기에 대응하기 위한 고성능 임베디드 프로세서와 DSP 프로세서 연동


l       SoC 개발을 단기간에 있는 플랫폼 중심: Scalability reusability 갖는 차세대 온칩 네트워크 아키텍처 설계 기술


l       지능 복합형 멀티 모드 휴대단말  SoC  기술 :이동환경에 따라 하드웨어 재구성과정을 통해 적합한 무선접속 환경과 서비스를 자유롭게 선택하여 사용할 있는 휴대 단말 플랫폼


l       휴대단말기용 멀티미디어  SoC Platform 설계 기술: 다양한 프로세서 코어, 메모리, IP 등을 하나의 칩에 집적할 있는 SoC 설계


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