Technical Writing and Presentation Skills; Spring, 2007

VADA (VLSI Algorithmic Design Automation) Lab.
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Sungkyunkwan University

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To foster design innovation and creative thinking, a major part of the class grade is based on the presentation project.

The project is performed individually and spans the whole semester.


WEEK 1-5: The Literature Study- Formulation of Project

WEEK 12 (Deadline: April 30th):  Submit your Research Results

In two formats (Project Reports of 5~10 pages(Style and Guide)  and Presentation Slides of 10~15  slides)

WEEK 13 (May 5~): Presentation of Research Results (15 minutes per each)

WEEK 16(June 16):  Final Exam

To make the results available to the complete group and to make your results more dynamic, you will be required to provided them as web-entries with a form of poster styles.


As the recurring themes of the class are technical writing and presentation skills, a list of potential topic examples is given below.

How to do a good Time Management (By Randy Pausch)

How to write a good Science or Engineering Project Proposal

How to be a good CTO or CEO


How to be a Star Engineer/Researcher


How Company like IBM/Intel/Samsung Creates Star Performer


Research Ethics


What  is a Successful life


Your own hot topic, whacky ideas ...  


To post here your project proposal and project final report, upload them here.

Project Proposal and Report Board